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Don’t Let Your Child’s Bullying Extend Online

A brief and insightful story by Jenny Holt…

Tim Berners-Lee helped invent the Internet as a place to bring people together and share ideas. While this has happened, over recent years, many people have begun to realize that it is also a place where people gather to shut out other ideas and to find like-minds. Parents and I include myself in this, and children have concluded that it is also a place where bullying can continue outside of school hours.

As a teenager, I [Jenny Holt] couimg_0490nted down the times to when I could leave school and get away from my bullies who happened to live in a different neighborhood on my own. My daughters do not have such an escape because it follows them to their phones and their computers.

This has led to increased levels of depression among school children and has linked to some self-harming and suicides.

This is why I have taken the time to work on a comprehensive guide to cyber-bullying. It covers its causes and forms, the media on which it happens, legal routes people can take, and how to help those being bullied. This includes school engagement, working with other parents, and both school and criminal sanctions which can be applied.



Cyber Bullying: The Complete Resource Guide by Jenny Holt. Retrieved from


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