Gracie Barra Spring Lake.Gracie Barra Spring Lake.

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The Rafael Family MMA Academy practices and teaches Judo and Brazilian JiuJitsu under the direction of Sensei Rafael Jovet-Ramos.

What makes Judo unique compared to other martial arts?
Unlike Tae Kwon Do, Karate and Gung fu or Kung Fu, all striking [kicks and punches] techniques have been removed from Judo techniques applied during practice. A few striking techniques still exist in Judo Kata™s [forms]. By removing the strikes from Judo, its students are able to practice it at full speed and full effort without any need to ‘pull punches’ resulting in very effective physical training. Since Judo has it™s roots in Jujitsu, many of Judo™s techniques are similar to Ju-jitsu’s. Jujitsu does not spend much time learning how to throw their opponent to the ground. Judo and Tae Kwon Do are the only two martial arts that are Olympic Sports. Judo has a well-organized and standardized set of competition rules for local tournaments. Ref. USJA.


We are pleased to announce the USJA’s YouTube Channel is up and running!

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